Established in 2017 under the auspices of Hong Kong Universal Education (HKUE), Universal College of Higher Education (UCHE) is an operating unit fully owned by its parent company HKUE. UCHE is a unit under HKUE. HKUE oversees the operations of UCHE, which focuses on the provision of high-quality programmes at post-secondary and tertiary levels, as well as the overall academic and operational responsibility for the programmes and their development within defined policies, procedures, and regulations. The daily operation of UCHE is managed by the Academic Department, the Programme Management Team, and the Administrative Department.
HKUE’s academic quality assurance policies and procedures are adopted at UCHE in areas including programme planning, development, and management, to ensure that the learning and teaching activities for our students are of the highest quality.
The mission of UCHE is to offer quality higher education opportunities for secondary school leavers, sub-degree graduates and working professionals that provide a solid foundation for further studies, career development, and lifelong learning. In other words, UCHE is devoted to offering quality educational opportunities for lifelong learning and vocational training.